LOANtoken is a Stellar-issued digital asset that enables participants to access the features of the LendLedger network.


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Token sale

Total token:

Sale price:
USD $0.05

Total sale to community:

Phase 1

Live in 2 markets

Funding target:
USD $5 million

Community sales:
up to 15%

LOANtokens are not for purchase by U.S., UK, and China persons. Visitors from IPs located in those regions will be blocked.

Distribution of tokens

Use of Funds

Use of Funds

Distribution of Tokens

Distribution of Tokens

What you need to know about LOANtoken

The LendLedger LOANtoken (LOAN) is the exclusive way for network participants to access the features of the LendLedger network.

LOAN serves multiple purposes:


For Lenders

Ability to access the network, make loans, and pay for services related to lending

Data Providers

For Data Providers

Opportunity to discover ways to monetize and share data


For Borrowers

Permission to see and apply for loans


For Credit Nodes

Ability to stake LOAN in order to issue LedgerCredit (the means of transactions between all participants on the network

LOAN is a Stellar-issued digital asset that relies on the Stellar Consensus Protocol. It easily integrates into an existing decentralized infrastructure, including digital wallets and the built-in Stellar exchange.

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