Participating in open lending markets requires fast, lite software that can connect, analyze, and enable decisions for data providers, borrowers, and lenders. That’s why we’ve created L-Data and L-Lend.


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Connect to new lending markets

L-Lend’s web-based loan origination and management software is tailored to fast, data-driven lending processes unlike existing paperwork-heavy solutions.

Lenders can use L-Lend to service the need for loans from large segments including informal and small enterprise borrowers, gain access to fresh data-rich leads, offer highly flexible products, and integrate with existing software systems.

originate loans

Originate loans by tapping into millions of leads from verified data sources

smart credit decisions

Make smart credit decisions and KYC verifications from LendLedger or third-party engines

configurable products

Employ configurable products to provide the flexibility informal and small business borrowers want

Monetize data, ethically

L-Data helps data providers connect to LendLedger to monetize data and grow the availability of financing within their user base.

Point-of-sale networks, distribution companies, telecom networks, and others can now understand the demand for, and revenue potential of, their data, complete simple technical integration, and gain insights to strengthen their business.

offer data

Offer data and respond to requests from lenders and borrowers, securely

easy access

Easy access to use LendLedger’s open APIs for data sharing and earnings


Analytics on borrower performance help inform core business decisions

Benefits for network participants

LendLedger is a decentralized platform for everyone in the global lending market, including borrowers, lenders, credit data providers, ID verifiers, credit evaluators, and loan servicers.



• Control own data
• Better, cheaper loans
• Establish credit history

Data Providers

Data Providers

• Additional income
• Financing for clients



• Untapped markets
• Lower lending costs
• Smaller loan losses


Our L-Data and L-Lend software have powered data sharing and loans for small borrowers who are part of India’s leading payments, mobile wallet, and money transfer networks. Lenders use our credit decisioning to originate and manage loans on the LendLedger network.

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LendLedger is changing the face of lending for unserved segments. Our software for data providers and lenders has processed tens of millions of dollars in loan requests for hundreds of thousands of borrowers and resulted in loans to informal and small business borrowers in 400 cities across India. Get in touch at [email protected] as we open up new markets across the world or subscribe to our newsletter.

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